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This event has passed (July 22 2019).

Pi in July

Join us at Hubbard Avenue Diner for Pi in July!
Ahhh, the 22nd of July. Easier written as 22/7. Yep. You got it. 22/7. 22/7 comes out to about 3.142857142857143... an approximation of Pi. We're celebrating with Pi in July and bringing back all of your favorite pi-themed events to make it a fun day! Come on down to the diner for some ins-Pi-ring desserts!

Pie for the price of Pi
All day long we'll be serving up your favorite pies for just $3.14 a slice! We’ll also have Pi-shaped pies to take home to friends and family. Choose from French Silk or Key Lime for just $24.99. Pi isn’t just for pie. Enjoy Pi-shaped brownies and Pi frosted sugar cookies, because we’re letting all the desserts get in on the Pi in July fun.

Wear your Hubbard tee
On July 22, wear your Hubbard t-shirt and get a free slice of pie! Don't have a Hubbard tee? We've got plenty to choose from!