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Home of “The Original Pie Taco”

At Hubbard Avenue Diner, we’re famous for pie – in all its forms! So it’s no surprise that when our Bakery Manager, Jason the Pie Guy, said “How about a pie taco?” we knew we had to make them right away.

A Pie Taco, not to be confused with it’s cousin – the hand pie, is just what you think it is. A taco-shaped pie crust, made with Hubbard's classic crust and filled with some of our most popular fillings. Each bite has the perfect crust-to-filling ratio. Come in today and try a Pie Taco!

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Available in-store or To-Go:

1 taco - 3.99
2 tacos - 7.49
3 tacos - 9.99
4 tacos - 12.99
A dozen tacos - 38.99

Call us at (608) 831-PIES to pre-order larger orders. Please allow 48 hours for special orders.
Sorry, our Pie Tacos are not available gluten-free.